Data Protection Authority - Somalia

Data Protection Authority - Somalia

(DPA) is the national independent authority responsible for protecting personal privacy and monitoring that all organizations are compliant with the Data Protection Act (no.005 which was passed in March 2023). The role of DPA is to implement the Data Protection Act, as well as providing services that facilitate protection of personal data, such as; awareness campaigns, registration, trainings, creating and passing regulations specific to storing and processing data.


  • In data protection, a data controller is an entity that decides why and how personal data is processed, bearing the main responsibility for compliance with data protection laws. They set the purpose and methods for data processing, ensuring legality and security, and handling individual data rights.
    A data processor, on the other hand, is an entity that processes data on behalf of the controller. They act under the controller's instructions and have specific obligations, particularly regarding data security.


  • People whose personal information are collected, stored and processed are called data subjects.
    Know your rights and learn how to protect your data privacy, online and offline.

DPA Mandates


DPA Somalia requires all organizations processing personal data to register with the Data Protection Authority, ensuring transparency and accountability.


DPA Somalia promotes awareness about data protection laws and best practices through educational campaigns and resources for businesses and the public.


DPA Somalia provides training programs to enhance the understanding of data protection principles and legal requirements among data protection officers and employees.

Investigations and Inspections

DPA Somalia has the authority to conduct investigations and inspections to ensure compliance with data protection laws, safeguarding individuals' privacy rights.

Complain Handling

DPA Somalia ensures organizations adhere to data protection laws by reviewing compliance reports, conducting audits, and implementing corrective measures.

Regulations and Overseing

DPA Somalia establishes guidelines and monitors adherence to data protection laws, taking enforcement actions to ensure responsible and secure data handling.