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Who are we?

Data Protection
Authority - Somali

Somali Data Protection Authority (DPA) is the national independent authority responsible for protecting personal privacy and monitoring that all organizations are compliant with the Data Protection Act (no.005 which was passed in March 2023). The role of DPA is to implement the Data Protection Act, as well as providing services that facilitate protection of personal data, such as; awareness campaigns, registration, trainings, creating and passing regulations specific to storing and processing data.

All citizens have the right to the privacy of their personal data, and that is a fundamental right. The Data Protection Authority has been entrusted by the federal government of Somalia to safeguard that right, and is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act. The Act gives citizens’ the autonomy to decide how their data is processed, used and who it is shared with.


How it works


DPA’s mission is to ensure that all businesses, private entities, and public institutions govern and process personal data in a responsible, transparent and lawful manner.


To safeguard the transparency and integrity of Somalis’ data privacy.

Core Values
  1. - Transparency and Accountabiliy
  2. - Innovation & Adaptability
  3. - Integrity & Confidentiality
  4. - Data Governance Ethics

What we do


The Data Protection Authority (DPA) in Somalia regulates and oversees data protection, ensuring that organizations and entities adhere to established guidelines and laws governing the responsible handling of personal information.

Awareness campaign

The Data Protection Authority (DPA) in Somalia enhances awareness through educational campaigns, training programs, and public outreach, aiming to inform and equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge needed to uphold data protection principles and foster a culture of privacy.

Enforcement and Compliance

The DPA plays a crucial role in enforcing data protection regulations, holding organizations accountable for their data management practices. It strives to ensure compliance with both national laws and international privacy principles, promoting transparency and trust in the handling of sensitive information.

Our Principles


Information should be processed legally and ethically while upholding justice

Purpose Limitation

Personal data should be collected for a specific and lawful purpose.

Data Minimization

Personal data should be minimal and be the exact amount of data that is needed.

Data Accuracy

Information should be accurate, up-to-date, and kept for a limited time, ensuring accuracy.

Storage Limitation

Don’t store personal data you do not need anymore

Confidentiality and Security

Entities must safeguard individuals' data, uphold their rights, and implement measures for data integrity.

Fairness and Accountability

Process personal data with fairness and accountability, adhering to privacy principles.